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Topsoil, Sod, and Seed in Halifax, NS


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Topsoil, Sod or Seed

Whether you're putting in a new lawn or improving your existing one, Construx Landscaping has everything you need!

A good quality topsoil is one of the foundations of creating the beautiful healthy green lawn that you want, and can help you grow stunning and colorful gardens. At Construx, we can remove any stumps from your lawn before we deliver & spread the topsoil. Then the topsoil is leveled and graded before we either seed the soil or lay the sod for your lawn.

We provide topsoil for new lawn installations, repairing an old lawn, placing new garden beds, or other landscaping projects.


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Get a beautiful lush green lawn!

Call Construx today for leveling, grading, stump removal, topsoil, sod and seed! Everything you need to keep your lawn looking fantastic.

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Did you know a healthy lawn is good for more than just looking great?

As well as providing a great place to relax, and a nice view out your window, a healthy green lawn has other benefits:

Lawns provide a cooling function.
On a hot summer day, grass can be almost 15 degrees cooler than soil and much cooler than concrete

A well-maintained grass area will improve air quality.
Lawns absorb many airborne pollutants such as dust and carbon dioxide, as well as noise.

Healthy lawns can benefit water quality.
Since grass has a greater capacity for absorbing & retaining water than other ground cover, a good lawn will absorb nutrients and result in less run off. The moisture returns to the water table where it can again be used by everyone.

A healthy lawn means less mess!
Healthy grass will prevent the loss of topsoil through erosion by wind and water, which means less mud and dust in the house.

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