Lawn Drainage Solutions in Halifax, NS

Drainage Solutions

If you have problems with muddy pools in your lawn in summer and ice patches in winter, water not draining correctly away from your home's foundation, or problems created by roof run-off, you may need a custom drainage solution.

Every property is different, and will have different water flow characteristics. We can give you expert advice and recommendations on the best drainage solutions based on your landscape's specific requirements. The right drainage system can make a huge difference in the longevity of your home and landscape.

While there are a variety of different drainage solutions for different situations, we will help you find the right long term solution for your goals. Drainage solutions can be easily hidden in your landscaping features, or even be used to create the landscaping effect you're looking for. Our team has the experience and the professional equipment to solve many common drainage problems, such as:

  • foundations where water is collected at the base of your home
  • landscapes where a low a spot needs to be drained to another lower area
  • improper grading where water gathers in pools on your lawn
  • gutter spouts emptying on to plant beds and over-saturating a garden, or on to paved surfaces where water collects
  • driveways where water needs to be caught and drained away, or run-off needs to be moved from one side of a driveway to the other


InsideOut Drainage Solutions

Our sister company, InsideOut Drainage Solutions, offers a variety of drainage solutions to help protect your home - inside and out!

Visit the InsideOut website to learn more!

InsideOut Drainage Solutions


We can build your drainage solution!

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